History Of Funeral Homes

funeralhomesThe first funeral service was conducted in the family homes. This is because during the American Civil War, the families intended for the dead remains of their fathers, sons and husbands to be prepared for burial at their own homes. To preserve the bodies, Dr. Thomas Holmes, among the many first “morticians”, practiced the early art of embalming the dead soldiers.



Embalming is both a science and an art that temporarily preserves the dead body to delay its decomposition. This is done in order to maintain the usual appearance of the human body during the funeral service. The three purposes of embalming are restoration, sanitization and preservation.

Later on, the funeral directors, then known as “undertakers”, changed from preparing and showing bodies in the family’s homes to removing the deceased from the hospitals or homes and transporting the bodies to funeral homes. The purpose of this is for the cleaner and more systematic preparation and conduct of funeral service.

Actually, embalming is not the first technique developed for the preservation of a dead person. There is mummification, a process adapted by Ancient cultures in Egypt, Greenland and Persia, by utilizing honey, ice and salts. There is also the arterial embalming, which is pioneered in the funeral homes in Netherlands. Different chemicals were discovered and invented for embalming such as liquor balsamicum, arsenic-based and alcohol-based formula.

In Europe, Alexander Butlerov and August Wilhelm von Hoffmann discovered formaldehyde. Morticians have been using this chemical from 1867 until the present. However, the use of formaldehyde or formalin, did not remove one of the major concerns of funeral homes- the smell of the decaying body. This is where the use of funeral flowers becomes functional.

Funeral Flowers

Traditional practice introduced the selection of flower ladies. The flower ladies, deemed as privileged roles, have the responsibilities of preparing, arranging and carrying the funeral flowers from the mortuary establishment to the cemetery. History tells us thatit is the 17th president of the United States who first used funeral flowers in 1874. There were still no flower ladies back then. The story discloses that Andrew Johnson’s body was not embalmed. To mask the foul odor coming from the decaying ex-president, the undertaker covered the casket and placed a lot of fragrant flowers over and around the casket. This clearly shows that funeral flowers have more function than just being ornamentals surrounding the casket.



The first casket was made by the local undertakers themselves. Aside from embalming skill, these local undertakers are said to be adept and employed in the lumber, carpentry or furniture business. The materials used in making caskets, or coffins, can include wood, copper, veneer, bronze, twill, crepe, satin, steel or metal. The increase in preference of cremation over traditional burial gave rise to the utilization of urns.


Cremation Urns

The vessels or vases called, “urns” are designed to take in at least three pounds of cremains. Cremains are the ashes from cremated corpse. Cremation urns are made by the use of metal, ceramic, fabric, composites, marble, plastic, wood, glass, granite or biodegradable materials for use on water. There has also been the creation of cremation jewelry, locket-style accessory, for carrying a very little amount of cremains. The cremains may also be compressed and processed into an actual man-made stone. The mortuary can conduct funeral service even after the cremation of the dead body. This is to be decided by the family.

In summary, the selection and preparation of coffins, cremation urns, funeral flowers and other funeral elements havebeen reinvented over the years to yearn to the penny-wise demand andthe appropriate personalization of funeral ambience. This serves not only to alleviate the grief but to celebrate the life lived by the one who passed away.

Choose the Right Foods While on HCG Drops

An HCG diet is a program introduced by A.T.W. Simeons, a British endocrinologist. He discovered the protocol by accident while in India working with overweight young men. He combined a hormone produced in the placenta, known as human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) with a very low-calorie diet to promote weight loss. When using best HCG Drops, you need to be very careful of the food you eat. There are some foods that may impact the effect of the drops.


The List of Food You Can and Cannot Eat


hcg dropsWhile under the HCG diet, we recommend that you eat two meals a day only, lunch and dinner. You need to include one vegetable, one fruit, and one protein in each meal. You can grill or broil chicken breast, lobster, beef, shrimp or fresh white fish as long as you will not eat any visible fat. No tuna picked or dried fish, eel, salmon or herring are allowed.


Some vegetables that you can eat include chard, beef greens, fennel, red radishes, spinach, green salad, cabbage, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, and asparagus. Bread can be one piece of Melba toast or one breadstick.


For fruits, you can pick from apple, handful of strawberries, orange or half a grapefruit. The HCG diet allows you to drink as much coffee, water, and tea as you wants. You are also allowed to add one tablespoon of milk per day. To sweeten your drinks, you can use sugar substitutes instead of sugar. Oils and butter are not allowed.


While under the calorie-restriction phase, you are required only to consume around 500 calories. If you cannot avoid, you can have coffee or tea for breakfast and a three to five ounces of lean meat, make sure that you have removed all the fats. You must be very strict with your diet. Those not mentioned in the list are forbidden. The purpose of best HCG Drops during the program was to reduce the appetite. According to Simeon, applying this diet without the drops will sabotage the weight loss success.


The Required Calorie Intake


Sticking in a diet with a limited calorie intake is very hard. Not only it is very uncomfortable to live with only 500 calories a day, it is also very risky. Meeting all your nutritional need is impossible. You will not get the right amount of protein your body required. If you are just having less than 1,200 calories each day, it will be a challenge for you, how you will get enough minerals and vitamins without using any supplement.


If someone is overweight and has a medical condition like high blood pressure, the doctor may sometimes recommend a very low-calorie diet. However, this kind of diet should be under the supervision of your doctor.


Important Facts about HCG Drops


There are lots of people that consider the HCG Drops as a magical formula in losing weight. It is much different from the weight loss pills that most people take. HCG is a hormone produced by pregnant women that can be taken orally or through injection and the primary function is to suppress hunger as it boosts your metabolism to burn down accumulated fats. The success of this diet program will not depend only on the product but also with the food intake with which it is combined.


Committing with the diet every second of your time is quite difficult. However, this is what the majority of diet plans requires. If you really want to lose weight, you need to follow every rule without hesitation. The best solution for this is to shorten the time for you to undergo the program. This provides less anxiety and less effort to commit into a diet. To shorten your time with the program, aside from strictly following the diet plan you can incorporate the following:


  • You can add fiber in your diet to help your body feel satisfied. It will also help with your digestion.
  • You need to take a good amount of water to help your body wash away toxins from your system. It will help get rid of the fats and toxins. Fiber can also help get rid of your hunger pangs.
  • You can use a supplement with serotonin boosters. While under the program, you will likely lose happy hormones in your brain. As a result, you will become moody and less happy most of the time. To avoid this, you need to take serotonin booster at least 500m every day.


The tips we mentioned above are all important to succeed in your quest in losing weight. This will prevent you from throwing in the towel when you are having difficulties with the diet. These tips will help you survive and complete the weight loss challenge.


The above facts about best HCG Drops will ensure that it will help you change and achieve the weight that you want. The company offers quality HCG to help people succeed in their attempt to make that big change. Also, there is no doubt HCG solution will become more popular in the future and will improve the present diet program. We are conducting studies to make sure that the products we provide are more convenient and produce fewer side effects to the users.

Customizing Your Own Lanyards

With lanyards being among the hottest trends nowadays, learning the basics about these laces will surely be beneficial if you wish to make some on your own. They can be of different colors, sizes, and styles – if you manage to consider these factors, you are definitely on the right track.


There are different styles of lanyards that you can choose from, and here are some of them:


1.Single-colored Lanyard


This style does not involve the use of any printing process. After all, it’s mainly about blank laces with solid colors.


2.Polyester Lanyard


This is the most common style since it is affordable despite being of high quality. Silkscreen printing is used in making this style of lace.


3.Woven Lanyard


This style uses simple and soft stitches to make sure that the design is fully visible on the lace. However, it is required to use only simple text and logo designs when working with this style.


4.Dye-sublimated Lanyard


This style is often associated with multicolored cords. The process of sublimation is used wherein heat and pressure is applied to transfer the design to the material. The base material is recommended to be of white color to make sure that the design will stand out.


5.Nylon Lanyard


LanyardsThis style is often described as high quality. It is also known for its intricate designs. This can be made using either one of these methods: the Crown Sinnet and the Modified Braid. The two methods involve the process of looping nylon strings. However, the crown sinnet method leads to the creation of far more loops and knots. By the way, going with nylon is recommended if you are making laces in big batches.


The styles mentioned won’t be complete if no printing method is used to apply the design. Different printing materials are used to achieve high quality and attractive products. Here are some of the commonly used printing options that you can check out:


•  Screen Print


This is considered to be perfect when printing top quality designs, but it is slightly expensive. Color combinations can be applied when making the text and logo designs.


•  Full Color Print


A full color print produces a multicolored lanyard, making your lace a true work of art.


•  Hot Stamp


This type of print is definitely economical. Its process of color application is very straightforward, though you can only use a limited selection of colors for your lanyard.


•  Embossed Print


A metal tag lanyard often comes with an embossed print. Simply put, the design is stamped onto the material to create the design.


•  Laser Engraving


This printing method can also be used on metal tags, and it is the opposite of the embossed print. Laser engraving involves the use of a powerful light beam or laser to engrave the design into the metal. This results into fully detailed prints and designs.


In customizing your lanyards, you can also add other embellishments to make them more attractive. An attachment like the j-hook is used especially with a nylon lanyard to make holding accessories possible. On the other hand, tags are attached to these customized laces for identification purposes, an example of which is the animal tag worn by your pets. Gems and beads can also be used for added glam.


Now that you know about these, you’re ready to start making your own lanyards. This craft is definitely fun since designs are limitless – whatever you can imagine, can be made. Aside from that, learning the basics of this craft and eventually becoming adept in it opens the opportunity for business ventures.


How to Choose a Motivational Speaker for an Event

A motivational speaker has a great impact on people. They help them to become better persons, inspire them to follow their dreams and motivate them to overcome their problems. They offer advice and share real life experiences that help people understand that there’s more to life than simply being on top.


That’s why it is important to choose good a motivational speaker for important events like a graduation, a conference, a youth convention and other occasions where the people attending should be given the opportunity to become inspired and help them get on their feet.


There are many motivational speakersout there. But the question is, are they good enough for the event? Are they suited for the purpose of the event? And will they be able to inspire their audience? Having asked these questions, here are some tips and suggestions on how to choose good and effective motivational speaker.


Motivational speakerAsk for suggestions from the people attending the event. Let them suggest who they want to speak in front of them. This way, you’ll have an idea which speaker is wanted by the audience. A speaker who is in demand is likely to have a stronger impact on the audience rather than someone who is not. Rank these suggestions and see which speaker comes on top.


Consider the theme or purpose of the event. Is it related to business, to academics or simply related to life? Once the theme and purpose of the event is set, it is easier to choose a speaker who is best known for speeches most related to the theme. This is very important since a speaker who is experienced in that particular theme will be able to give a strong speech and motivate people better.


Conduct a background research on the speaker. Learn about their past experiences and other information that you think will be crucial in selecting a speaker. This will give you an opportunity to check if people will be able to relate and connect with the speaker since they have experienced similar things and problems. Bear in mind that when a speaker is someone that the audience can relate to, it is easier to motivate the people to overcome problems. The audience is able to think that if the speaker can do it then they can too.


Listen to recordings of their speeches or watch videos. See how the audience reacts to them. Observe how the speaker delivers his or her speeches and how it affects the audience. This will help you determine if the speaker will be able to deliver a speech that is interesting and helpful to the audience Remember that there are different types of speakers. Some can be serious while others are not. Some speakers use humor while others draw on the emotional aspect of their audience. This will help you prevent scenarios where an audience is offended or becomes uncomfortable with the speaker or cases when the audience becomes uninterested.


Once all of these have been done, create a list that ranks the speakers. Then, contact the first one of the list. Ask if they will be able to have time for the event. Ask about the cost and other arrangements. If there is an agreement between you and the speaker, that’s great. If there’s none, move to the next one on the list.


Choosing motivational speaker may seem hard, but in reality it’s not. All it takes is people skills and the ability to determine which one will motivate the audience better. From there, it’s just a case of arrangements with the chosen speaker.


A Motivational Speaker has a great impact on people.

What are The Printed Circuit Boards?

Every electronic appliance needs microchip-like component to support and connect the electronic components of the appliance or gadget. This microchip-like component is known as printed circuit boards or PCB.

Printed circuit boards are specifically designed and created to attach the different electronic components of a certain appliance and gadget. The “card body” of the PCB is made from non-conductive materials such as fiberglass or plastic. In most versions, copper wore is etched or inserted within the layers of the PCB.

Aside from the non-conductive card body, PCBs are also composed of electricity conducting materials that are used to allow electricity to flow from one component to another. The flow of electricity enables the appliance or gadget to function as a whole.

Printed circuit boardsPCBs are also created and designed to function for a certain task or purpose aside from connecting all the electronic components. Some PCBs are mass produced while others can be assembled or created by a person. This type of PCB is usually made from simple materials and follows a simple design to make building and assembling the circuit board easier.

The first printed circuit boards were actually used back in the 1850s. The first PCB was originally made using thin metal strips and rods to connect electric wires and outer components that were constructed on wooden bases. Over the years, the circuit boards were modified and upgraded by replacing the metal strips with wires and screw terminals. The circuit boards also grew thinner and smaller as the years went by, making it more durable and easier to use and design.

The name of the PCB is actually derived from Charles Ducas’ design where the electrical components were embedded on the card body by using a stencil printing method. This method improved the design and production of PCBs.

After that, more complex designs and methods of creating PCBs surfaced. In 1943, Paul Eisler invented a method wherein the circuits are etched onto a non conductive card body. This method was used by the US military in manufacturing and producing weapons during the World War II. By the 1950s, this technique saw commercial success in creating PCBs.

As the years went by, the PCBs grew smaller, thinner and more flexible. Several production methods were combined into one to create a high quality and modern type of PCB. This saw the creation of multi-layered PCBs with both conductive and non conductive components. The small size of the PCBs proved beneficial to appliance and gadget makers. It helped in creating technological innovations that are lighter and easier to use and carry.

At present, there are three popular methods used in manufacturing the circuit boards. These methods are milling, silkscreen and photo-resist.

The milling method involves a mill to make the circuit boards. It is used to drill and remove small pieces of copper and wires around the board. This method is the most cost effective and cheap out of all the three methods. However, this method is not used in manufacturing PCBs professionally because the quality is lower when compared to the other two methods.

Silk-screening is a method used by professional PCB makers. In silk-screening, a piece of cloth is tightly pulled over a frame. Then a design pattern is printed onto the cloth. As the ink passes on the cloth, it is also transferred onto the board. Then, this printed pattern is used to make the circuit boards.

The last method is photo-resist. This method involves photolithography and is made using light sensitive covering known as photo-resist. This method is very complicated and used by big printed circuit boards production companies.

The printed circuit boards are one of the most important components in the world of electronics today.

What Type of Golfer Are You?

There are various personality types in various sports professions – from the conventional to the outrageous. Most of these personality quirks are normally hidden from the eye of the cameras, but most are normally revealed in the sports clothing choice. Some of the conventional sports apparel is seen in the muted colors used in golf shirts but some designers make use of a clashing mixture of colors to shout out their personalities.


A vast majority of popular designers resulted in the proliferation of golf shirts that are considered to have a muted personality. This is clearly seen in the standard designed and colored collared shirt, which screams preppy, fashionable, and uninteresting. The only difference between the brands being offered in the market are the attached logos of the various high-end designers. The reason for this is that most of the high end logos are tastefully small and do not reveal the names of the brand. Using logos instead of names further reveals that these high end designers are already easily recognized.


The Mock Neck Shirts


golf shirtsHowever, these classic men’s golf shirts are considered to be outdated since women’s golf fashions are constantly being updated. The only thing being constant in men’s golf fashions is that the type of material, color, or print will be changed from muted to outlandish ones. This is the reason why some golf apparel companies have significantly changed some of their offered products from collared shirts to mock neck shirts. Some of the most popular are those with short sleeves for a warmer climate and the long sleeved option for colder climates.


Depending on the golfer, some will prefer to make use of the long sleeve shirts to prevent the further darkening of the skin. Most golfers appear to be tanned, which unfortunately does not reflect on the areas under their golf apparel. This is due to the fact that practice games are often done during the daytime hours, which means that these regular practices will result in skin darkening for the exposed skin. When the golfer perspires heavily then the applied sunblock will still need to be reapplied. This reapplication recommendation is often ignored or forgotten especially during cloudy days.


This is where long sleeved shirts are considered to be an advantage since a majority of these golf shirtsmake use of moisture wicking materials. Moisture wicking, play dry or dry fit materials are new technology fabrics that encourage the use of long sleeve clothing for athletes that prefer to remain fair skinned. These long sleeved garments are especially popular to the ladies since they are more conscious to retain the fairness of their complexion. These mock neck shirts are considered to be fashionable, functional, and trendy by most spectators and golfers.


The Conventional


Some of the more unusual golf top designs include a zip closure so that the collar is easily closed without damaging the neck segment of the top. These are easily seen in the collared shirts and the mock neck top made by popular designers, which can be more significantly expensive than the regular ones. Some of the more unusual designers want to create a more funky look for the conventionally designed collared shirts by using a wide variety of colors. Some may even use prints with the solid colors to make a more interesting design. Depending on the personality of the golfer some of these designs and print may be perceived to be over the top or fashionable.


Even with the increased popularity of other golf apparel designs and prints, a significant number of the traditional clubs will still prefer the use of the traditional and understated collared shirts for the men golfers. The reasoning for this is that some of the clubs prefer their golf members to look fashionable and classy using the traditional designs for the golf shirts. This includes the use of muted colored shirts with small logos instead of the more trendy styles.

Tips in Investing in Long island real estate


Investing in Long island real estate will involve a large amount of money. You need to spend time with investment partners or groups so that you can buy bigger commercial properties. You will also work with title and real estate agents who specialize in commercial properties. Here are tips in investing in such endeavour.


long island real estateYou need to match your interests in commercial real estate to the different geographic locations you prefer. Have thorough knowledge on big and small commercial market classifications, industrial structures, office building, rental properties as well as shopping centres. Make sure to follow investment and real estate markets trends when you match your preferred geographic locations and interest on commercial real estate via research. Read reports on commercial real estate in the region and speak to investors you meet in seminars and conventions.


Meet with commercial investors and participate in finance partnerships. The latter give cash reserves and your co-investors shall share the business investment strategies you have. If you do not have many funds for such an investment, you should add partners so that your bigger commercial ventures will be funded. These potential investors can be seen also at conventions and commercial property seminars in your locality.


Back in the later part of 2009 when the economy was declining and the market was slow, commercial lenders had stricter lending practices. Commercial investment plans needed bigger collateral and cash. Because of this, you must team up with various qualified commercial property lenders so that you can come up with a presentation plan that shows your financial backing when you present offers on these commercial properties.


Look for a licensed Long island real estate agent who specializes in the kind of areas you are interested and an agent who knows how to research titles. They can give you present market information, lessons on how to negotiate contract terms and sales price and strategies in price offers. They can also give you exclusive access to different commercial properties and important knowledge you must know about commercial properties. A good thing about title agents is that they research present property ownership, document the sales done in your preferred geographic area and know about the past and present loans.


Look for particular properties and then present real estate offers. After you have decided on a certain property, inform your real estate agent so that he can make a legal contract. Your title agent shall make an initial title report so as to record the history of the property. Such a document shall help you in coming up with a price as well as other vital terms which involve community restrictions, zoning, physical condition and restrictions on property modification prohibitions future development efforts.


These are the tips when investing in Long island real estate properties.


Why use a portable storage container for moving?

Moving brings along a lot of stress and hassle to people. Not only that, but think about the costs of renting all of those moving trucks! While some consider this as a great idea, it’s not always the same for others. It is obviously an undeniable fact that accidents may happen during the move and most often than not, this is because of the carelessness and negligence of the moving truck drivers. There are a lot of movers out there who are more into ensuring the safety of their belongings, and just simply love being practical. For everyone having this kind of mindset, then here’s a great alternative—getting a portable storage container.


Portable Storage containerIt could be very surprising, but having a portable storage container offers a lot more than most people think. First off, it is considered by the majority as the best friend of movers. Why is that? With portable storage containers on hand, families could actually do all the moving, themselves! They just simply need to load all of their belongings safely into the portable storage container, and then attach it to the rear end of their trustworthy vehicles, and they’re off to go! Think of all the money that people could save by being their own, independent moving team. Dragging the family members along with them is an excellent idea for a quality time of bonding, as well!


Aside from being able to save a little bit of extra, another thing to consider is the fact that doing all the moving by themselves could actually mean a lot more safety and diligence for all of their precious belongings. Each portable storage container sold or leased by this company is typically up of a high-quality, solid, and sturdy metal exterior, making each and every unit wind and water resistant.

The best units also come with high security locking systems. Now, upon ensuring the safety of all the belongings placed inside those trusted units, common sense would state that these wise unit-owners have to be extra careful in transporting these portable storage containers to their new home. By doing so, practical families could very well minimize those driver-inflicted accidents that cause damage or even loss to their most precious properties. That’s like having the best of both worlds already.


As most are aware, renting out moving trucks and hiring teams have other downsides to it aside from those mentioned above. Once the job is done—that is, when the delivery of the family’s belongings to their new home is already completed, all the moving team is going to do is unload all of these properties on the lawn of the new home and bid their clients goodbye. What if the family members are just too tired and exhausted from the move that they actually want to rest first before getting their hands on those furniture and appliances? What if it suddenly rained, and all the unloaded stuff on the lawn ended up getting wet and even destroyed? What if they don’t get to finish unloading and unpacking on time? They don’t need to fret, because here is another benefit of having a portable storage container. It provides storage for all those belongings for an even longer period of time as compared to those moving trucks. So if you are not yet ready to unload and arrange all the stuff they moved with, no worries! You can start when they’re ready, and they don’t need to get pressured by the limited time that the rental of moving trucks and hiring of movers provide them with. That just definitely lessens the stress of moving.


In every organization, manpower is an invaluable asset which, like any other company resource, deserves constant attention from the management. Some company owners and managers fail to realize that without solid, sufficiently-trained and well-supervised members of a team, the noble goals of the institution may prove difficult, and even impossible, to accomplish.

Towards the end of fulfilling the goals which a company seeks to achieve, a good manager must not only yearn to know and recognize the specific preferences and needs of his company’s clients. As company employees are the movers of an organization, a good manager must also attempt and actually look into all vital information that can enable him to realize the needs and thoughts of his employees and address issues of talent management. It is specifically important to understand employees’ perception of their jobs, how their jobs actually affect their personal and professional lives, and other information on factors that may motivate or discourage them from reaching their full potential as a member of a team.

To assist companies achieve a better understanding and management of their employees, there are experienced human resources professionals who offer different services such as employee engagement, employee retention and employee engagement survey solutions, to organizations. Their years of experience in the industry allows them to effectively deliver verifiable results to their satisfied clients, and then aid countless companies in addressing issues that affect talent management.

Talent managementSpecifically on the employee engagement survey solution for talent management, these human resources professionals carefully craft employee engagement surveys that can help elicit from employees matters that may have an effect on their work performance. The purpose behind these customized surveys is to identify information such as the employees’ thoughts and feelings toward their respective jobs, their co-employees, the office management and the company as a whole. The employee engagement surveys are then conducted among the target employees and the results thereof are gathered. The company’s management should be allowed an easy and immediate access to these results. To put data into good use, these survey results are carefully analyzed by the human resources team in order to accurately determine the areas and processes within the organization’s manpower management that ought to be retained, as they are already in accord with the company’s goals and objectives. Areas for improvement are also keenly identified, to the end that means and methods to better enhance structure and programs that can contribute to proper talent management are developed. In every preparation and conduct of an employee engagement survey, the company’s mission and vision, long-term plans and short-term goals are taken into account. A consideration of these factors can greatly affect the effectiveness of the entire exercise.

Every organization, regardless of size, industry and set-up, is sure to benefit from an employee engagement survey from human resources professionals. It opens better opportunities for the company to improve itself so that it could help its employees reach their full potential. Without a doubt, a better understanding of these employees’ perception and desires, when taken together with the establishment of concrete measures to enhance and satisfy them, promotes the employees’ full cooperation, their engagement towards the fulfillment of targets, and their loyalty and commitment to maintain their employment with the company.

The commitment of human resources professionals to their clients then should not end with the conduct of the employee engagement survey and a report on its results. In order to maximize the results obtained from the survey, they should commit to play an active role with the client company in its action planning. This planning may include executive and individual leader coaching, online action planning forms, focus group facilitation, and the development of other activities that tend to promote the needed employee skills and company structure.